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Cash For Houses Illinois – Privacy Policy

What information do we gather?

We collect your data when you subscribe to our newsletter, fill in our property details, and submit property data. With the help of google analytics, we can gather info like your IP address, operating system, and browser type. We’ll use this data to improve our website’s overall visitor experience, but it doesn’t identify you.

You may read this article if you need to explore how google analytics works.

Where applicable, we may demand your name, email address, home address, and phone number on our website. But we don’t make it a prerequisite for browsing our site. You can check out our services anonymously. If Cash For Houses Illinois is acquired by or merges with another company, we’ll have to share your information with the new parent company. However, we’ll send you a notice to that effect.

What will we do with your data?

Any acquired info may be used in any of the following ways:

  • Carry out transactions –  We’d never share, send, or trade your information with any other business unless necessary to provide the required services.
  • Send emails regularly –  We obtain email addresses to communicate with you and respond to queries when required.

Do we share data with anyone?

Cash For Houses Illinois won’t sell, transfer or trade personal data with external parties except to reliable third parties who help operate our website or conduct business. But we only trade info with third parties that promise to keep your info private. We also reveal data when it’s necessary to comply with law enforcement and secure others’ lives, property, or rights. Non-personally identifiable data can be shared with external parties for marketing, ads, or any other business-related purpose.

Links to other websites

We may provide direct access to third-party’s services or products on our site. Note that these businesses often have privacy policies. Consequently, we won’t take responsibility for any actions or content on such sites. Nevertheless, we intend to keep our website’s authenticity. So, we are open to feedback about such websites.


We’ll definitely employ third-party’s service providers to ensure we render creme de la creme services. But we can’t guarantee that they have their privacy policy. However, we assure you that they only collect, gather or use data necessary to perform the services we demand.  Please endeavor to read their privacy policy to discover how safe your info would be.

Service providers may have their companies in a jurisdiction different from yours or ours. The laws guiding these jurisdictions may apply to your data. Our website’s privacy policy stops protecting your data when you get redirected or leave our website for another.


Cash For Houses Illinois uses re-marketing cookies from external vendors. With these cookies, we can send ads across the internet. As a result, we can show you our ads on Facebook, Google Adsense, or Google Content Network (GCN). These ads help us lure you back to our website if you haven’t performed any action to indicate that you’ve been converted. Convert in this context means performing any action (buying a product or submitting a form) that our site considers a performance indicator. Because we value your privacy, we don’t obtain any personally identifiable information with Google or any other external remarketing tech.

We permit external organizations to personalize ads that could pique our user’s interests. They may use cookies, user behavior data, and other tech to achieve this. We can also use marketing tools like Google’s remarketing tool to send targeted services based on your previous visit to our website. Hence, you may get our ads when you visit one of Google’s content network sites.

Google Ads are used on this website

Cash For Houses Illinois employs Google Ads. Re-marketing tool to reach specific past visitors of our website on Google’s third-party sites. Consequently, we can target past users who haven’t completed tasks like submitting a contact form. The external service providers use cookies to send ads based on prior visits to our Cash For Houses Illinois site. Any information collected would be used under Google’s and our privacy policies.

The Online Privacy Protection Act is being followed

We’ve taken the necessary steps to comply with the Online Privacy Protection Act because we value your privacy. As a result, we won’t share personally identifiable info with a third party without your permission.

Information about yourself, your finances, and your real estate

Of course, we’ll demand some information from you to help resolve your real estate problems. As investors, we’ll ask for data like your contact details, property info, and financial data to evaluate your property. Your data will be used personally and won’t be shared with a third party unless necessary to resolve real estate issues.

Privacy Policy For Online

This privacy policy applies to only information acquired online.

New Privacy Policy 

We’ll post any modification to our privacy policy on this page.

How to contact us?

Contact us on our page if you have concerns or queries about this privacy policy.

– Cash For Houses Illinois