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Cash For Houses Illinois– About Us

Cash For Houses Illinois is a real estate investment company that provides homeowners with the best solutions for their problems. When homeowners get sucked into sticky situations, their judgment gets clouded, and it becomes almost impossible to make the right decisions—that’s where we come in. We’d share accurate information with you and urge you to make an excellent decision. 

Why should you trust us? Because we genuinely have your best interest at heart. We will advise you to sell with a realtor if it’s a viable option in your case. Moreover, by putting our customer’s needs first, we are your go-to investment company for an unsentimental and friendly service. 

In all our years of experience, we’ve worked with motivated sellers who want to sell their houses fast in every condition. As a result, we have the expertise to sort out problems, buy a property, and close quickly without any hassle. 

Cash For Houses Illinois has a service range that covers all areas in the state of Illinois. Furthermore, we purchase foreclosed, mortgage, or any kind of house.

Need the most favorable suggestion for your real estate house? Call us now. 

Main Members of Our Team (Owners)

Matt Stark

Matt Stark was a resident of Colorado before relocating to California, where he joined the navy. He moved to the bay area to work and study in early 2000. In 2006, Matt earned a marketing degree and started his marketing agency in 2007. You can find Matt shooting pool, traveling the world with his family, or golfing when he isn’t working.  

Gagan Saini

Gagan Saini has lived in California all his life. After college, he joined the police force. He later quit the police force to join a family-owned logistics company. That’s where he discovered he had a knack for sales. Within 3 years, he has helped the company grow to a steady gross income of multiple millions. After that, he sold his shares in the company to pursue a career in real estate. Gagan loves spending time with his friends and family. 

What Sets Us Apart

We create real connections with our clients because we care about them. Unlike some companies, we are not all about profit. Don’t get us wrong, the profit is essential but educating you and helping you find the most befitting solution is more vital. So if the traditional route makes sense, we’ll let you know. But in cases where an investor would serve you better, you could count on us to give you an incredible selling experience. Then, we’ll top it up with a fast close. It’s a win/win.

Our Commitment To Our Customers

Real estate investment comes with its risks. As investors, we buy rundown houses at a discount and fix them before flipping. The truth is our estimate for repairs can’t always be precise. So, our 15% profit might take a slight or undesirable heavy hit. 

Despite this, we never give a lowball offer. We can manage to provide fair offers because we have a formula for calculating our cash offers. We consider transaction costs, repairs, and profits while drafting the cash offer to reduce our risks. 

Ultimately, we work with an ethical code that promotes all our core values.

Our Company Values


 Integrity – Cash For Houses Illinois will tell you what’s best for you without leaving out any details. We’d never take advantage of your condition. 

 Communication: We strongly believe in transparency. Hence, we’ll give you all the finer details about our transactions. Our burning desire is to have a network of clients or past clients who would feel secure enough to trust us repeatedly.

  Satisfaction: We pride ourselves on our reputation. Consequently, we want to give you a mind-blowing experience that leaves you satisfied with our services. To achieve this, we work non-stop to deliver on all our promises. 

Our team is always on its toes, ready to nip every problem in its bud. With our high level of proactiveness, we can close deals faster and give you a chance to move on with your life. 

We believe referring people to agents could open us to better prospects. Besides, we are always willing to help homeowners, even if it means not buying their houses. 

We want to make extra efforts to assist with your property problems. So give us a shot now if you want to sell your house quickly.