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Sell Your House Quickly in Illinois!

We buy houses as-is. Because we are cash buyers, we deal with cash. As a result, we can close quickly and give you a chance to move on with your life. Plus, selling to us is always seamless! Get A FREE no-commitment cash offer on your house now!

    We buy houses irrespective of the condition in IL.

    You have nothing to lose. Get started now by filling out this form.
    Or, call (773) 900-7775.


    Selling Your House is Easier in 3 smooth stages…

    step 1

    Forward your property info to us now for proper valuation.

    step 2

    You’ll receive a reasonable cash offer based on the property’s After Repair Value.

    step 3

    If you accept our offer, we’ll finalize the sale and pay you immediately.


    We are a solutions-oriented company that helps homeowners resolve their real estate problems. Although we make selling a breeze, our services isn’t one size fits all. Hence, it’s not suitable for all homeowners. But we treat homeowners with integrity, honesty, and respect whether they sell to us or not. If you work with us, you will get the easiest and fastest selling experience crowned with a fast close.

    Selling Made Seamless For You  

    Selling could be a hassle, especially when you are on a tight schedule. You have to worry about the condition of your house, agent commissions, and an excellent appearance to entice sellers.

    None of that is important while selling to us. 

    To us, helping you get back to your life is vital. Hence, we’ll buy your home quickly so you can be free. 

    What kind of houses do we buy? Cash for Houses Illinois buys ALL properties. It doesn’t matter if your house is probate, has deferred maintenance, needs several repairs, or is mortgaged. We always have real estate solutions up our sleeves. All you have to do is call (tug those sleeves now), and we’ll come to your rescue. 

    Our aim is to provide the best selling experience to our clients. As a result, we don’t charge commissions; we settle the closing costs and close fast (usually within 7 days).

    We Buy Illinois Houses In Every Condition

    Letting go of your rundown house could be burdensome. No one really wants to buy such properties, and repairs may cost thousands. Luckily for you, we want to buy your house as-is. 

    The truth is, we understand how intense real estate troubles could get, and we want to rescue you in the easiest way possible. That’s why we buy houses in any condition, and…

    • We don’t demand repairs
    • No cleaning as well
    • We work at your desired pace
    • You don’t have to stress over finding a realtor.


    The housing market is tough to navigate, especially when your house isn’t the prettiest out there. Often, the cost of selling through the traditional route is stressful. The list of must-dos grows into a huge heap; you wait for months, pay commissions, and wait for the most amiable buyers to stroll into your property. Unfortunately, enduring these bouts of stress doesn’t guarantee a spectacular deal.

    Little wonder people dread selling their houses. 

    It’s one thing to sell your home through a realtor, but selling to Cash For Houses Illinois is a different ball of wax. If selling a house was a team sport, we’d be right to claim we are on your team! We intend to make selling your house as smooth as possible. As a result, we purchase houses as it sits without making any ridiculous demands.

    Cash For Houses Illinois buys houses in terrible conditions, with bad tenants, mortgages, and any dilemma you could think of– even foreclosed properties. 

    We strive to conclude the sale quickly so you can move on to other things. Hence, if you need a direct buyer with the most effortless sale process, hit us up. 

    By the way, we love demo work. Fixing, cleaning, or remodeling your home is our favorite part! Call us for a fair cash offer, and we’ll get things underway.

      We buy houses irrespective of the condition in IL.

      You have nothing to lose. Get started now by filling out this form.
      Or, call (773) 900-7775.

      Why Is Cash For Houses Illinois Different

      Selling Through A Realtor

      Cash For Houses Illinois

      We Provide A Hassle-Free Transaction From Start To Finish

      We help all homeowners whether they are clients or not

      Owning a problematic house could pose a huge threat to your health (sleepless nights). You’d worry about paying utility bills even though you don’t care much about the house. As real estate investors, we deliver convenient sales to sellers on a platter of gold. We don’t care about your house conditions or problems. If we can resolve the problem by buying, that’s what we’ll do.

      But sometimes, selling to us might not help your situation. So, we check for suitability and refer you to someone who can help. In some cases, you need a realtor’s help. 

      So, when do we buy houses?

      People have sold their houses because of the following conditions:

      No repairs, junk removal, or cleaning. Sell your house as-is with zero inconveniences

      In simple terms, leave the grunt work to us. We’ll rent a dumpster to clean and settle all the repairs. We love making life easy for our homeowners. That’s why we don’t want you to lift a finger. Besides, we love demo work, so, bring it on!



      We’ll make you an offer for your rundown house and promise to make it habitable for the next family.

      Real customers. Real reviews.


      My husband and I met Matt when we decided to sell our current home before relocating. We had wasted time trying to sell through realtors before deciding to opt for a local investor. After making some calls, a friend introduced Matt to us. With his help, selling was a breeze! He was super conscious of our short deadline and beat it to our surprise! We finally left town with enough cash to purchase a new home. Thanks again!

      Heather H.


      I specifically asked for a fast close, but the speed caught me by surprise! I mean, they finalized the whole transaction within 2 weeks. Besides the quick closing, Matt was helpful throughout, and his professionalism never wavered. His offer was fair, and he allowed me to stay a few days to pack up before handing over the keys. There was no hassle– it was a smooth experience from start to finish, and I got my cash in no time.

      Michael E.


      We reached out to a couple of realtors when we decided to sell our house. But each of them gave us scary lists of items to repair. Unfortunately, we had a terrible credit score and a messy financial condition. So, it was impossible to secure a bank loan to make the required repairs. We were on the brink of risking our equity when we decided to check the internet for other real estate solutions. Cash For House Illinois’s informative blog caught our attention— we reached out. They bought our house without any hesitation and saved our equity!

      Rachel Z.