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Cash For Houses Illinois vs. Listing with an Illinois Realtor

You can never know which selling option would help you achieve your sales goals. Even in an exceptional seller market like Illinois, it’s best to weigh your options and determine what works for you. We can’t make this decision on your behalf, but we’ve provided relevant information to nudge you in the right direction. Below, we’ve delineated the differences between investors and real estate agents. 


Sold to Realtors

Cash For House Illinois

Commissions / ChargesSeller (usually 2%)We’ll pay closing fees
Who Pays Closing Costs?Mailers, property staging, Ads, etcNot necessary
Financing ContingencyNecessary for saleNot required
Appraisal Needed6% commissions chargedNone
Who Pays For Repairs?+/-90 days7-30 days
Who markets the property?Decided by the buyer (usually 15 to 45 days after acceptance)Entirely up to you
Number of ShowingsFinancial and inspection contingency allow a buyer back out of a sale agreementNone
Average Days Until SoldHigh traffic. Several showings and open housesOne (our team and contractors)
Closing DateNegotiated during the sale. Often done by sellersWe make all necessary fixes

Let’s send you an offer for your rundown or distressed home

“How much can I get for my house” is the burning question every seller asks. However, it’s not always about the price. When it comes to homeowners dealing with probate houses, foreclosure, delinquent taxes, and other issues, a quick sale to ease their troubles is also essential. 

If you have a lovely home, you may stand a chance on the open market and get the actual retail value for your property. The truth is, we can’t give you the retail value for your house. But you’d get to enjoy other benefits!

Get an offer in less than 8 minutes and a close in 7 days. 

Let’s be frank. When you decide to sell your home, incurring utility costs is the last thing you would want to do. Unfortunately, it is a burden you must bear when dealing with a realtor. But selling to us guarantees an instant cash offer and speedy closing.

Simply put, skip the utility charges by selling in record time. 

Getting started is as simple as completing the form below or calling us now.

    We buy properties in Every condition in IL.

    You have nothing to lose. Get started now by filling this form.
    Or, call (773) 900-7775.

    *Financial contingency: Buyers can halt a sale procedure if they can’t secure enough funding to make the purchase. The financial contingency often kicks in when the house doesn’t appraise at the same price as the cash offer.

    *Inspection Contingency: If your home is in terrible condition, the buyer can stop the sale. 

    Cash For House Illinois doesn’t rely on bank loans for funding. Hence, you can’t experience such an abrupt impedance while selling your house to us.