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Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions about our process? Please, feel free to contact us anytime, any day. But do a quick scan through our frequently asked questions below to see if it answers your questions. If it doesn’t, grab your phone and put a call through to us. 

 Q: Why should I sell to an investor rather than listing with a realtor?

A: We knew you’d ask! For starters, we are real estate investors. The summary of what we do is buy houses at a discount and flip it for profit. Homeowners trust us to close quickly. Besides, you won’t deal with agents, commissions, repairs, or cleaning. So selling to us is a cinch! The highlight of working with us is that we buy houses in any condition. 

 Q: Do you offer reasonable prices for property investment?

A: We never give lowball offers. In fact, to ensure accuracy, we work with a formula. While calculating cash offers, we consider the cost of repairs, transaction costs, and our profit. We often aim for anything between 10-15% profit. So if you compare our offer with competitors’, one thing’s certain: we provide the highest possible bid. Do you want to give us a try? Call us at 773-900-7775.

Q: How do you figure out the price of your offer?

A: We’ll take a wild guess that you are familiar with the word ARV. But to be sure, it means After Repair Value—the value of a house when all fixes have been made. So, the ARV of your property is a foundational factor for calculating our offer. We subtract the cost of repairs, transactions, and profits to get the actual ARV of your property. 

Q: Do you take any commissions or fees?

A: There are no commissions or charges while selling to us. When we send you a quote, best believe it won’t change because it won’t. Besides the absence of commissions, we also don’t take closing fees. 

Q: What Should I Do If My House Is In Bad Shape? Will You Purchase It?

A: We believe the actual question is: do you want to sell it? If that’s a yes, then bring it on. We buy houses in any condition. Trust us; we’ve seen worse. Roofings that are almost falling off, severe water damage, foreclosure, and any kind of property troubles you can think of. 

We love demo work! So, the more obnoxious, the better. When we buy rundown houses, we give them some TLC and sell them to a new family.  


Q: What differentiates you from a real estate agent?

A: Cash For House Illinois and realtors are like night and day. An agent’s job is to find a suitable offer for your house. Hence, they make use of the MLS and organize tons of showings. Of course, this service has a cost attached, and that’s a 6% commission on the sale. It also takes about 3 to 6 months to sell through realtors. This means of selling is riddled with uncertainties as the deal could fail in the nick of time. Unfortunately, a failed sale signifies the start of a new 3-6 months cycle. What’s to say that will work out this time? You can only hope!

On the flip side, we can guarantee a quick and successful sale. Do we charge for such services? No, we don’t. We buy directly. Consequently, the numerous showings are not a thing. Imagine selling your house without a realtor, the overbearing inspections, and the repairs of your home? That’s what selling to us is like. 

 Q: What happens when I submit my information?

A: Our team members will contact you when you send us your details. After discussing your property, and evaluating the condition, we’ll send you a reasonable cash offer. Love our offer? Great! We’ll arrange with a title company to conclude the deal in good time. 

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